Interesting to see several “ICM” shots in the annual competition, which was won by Andy Bennetts, ably and thoughtfully judged by Doug Berndt of Edinburgh P.S.  The standards and criteria by which a pictorial competition are judged are set by traditional practice. As digital cameras continue to evolve, they are able to create images which fall outside and are impossible to assess by traditional standards.

There are two ways to see this- We can grumble that traditional judging criteria are old fashioned, or we can accept that if an image is unusual to the extent of being unjudgable, it is likely to be given a low score, for the same reason the world’s most perfect thoroughbred steeplechaser would get a low score in a Shetland Pony contest- it just don’t fit!

I wonder if we need to add  an “abstract / SMWIP*” category competition next year?

(*Seriously messed with in post.)

Bob King’s cumulative scores and winners’ tables for all competitions this year can be seen on the members page.

Earlier in the year, Mark Reeves showed us some of his “Intentional Camera Movement” (ICM) images. These were very different from “conventional” camera club images, often resembling abstract paintings. What can you produce , using the technique of moving the camera ( on purpose), with a slow shutter speed?   A wee challenge- by or before March 11th, send up to 3 ICM shots to Grace Hynd, or bring them  along on the 12th. Let’s see what we can produce.

Also on the 12th, bring a camera. We will have some panning practice, for all those action shots we will be doing in the summer.

On Tuesday 26th Feb. Colin Legg gave us a thought provoking talk on ISO, the meaning and uses thereof. This is a topical subject as there is currently a bit of a stooshie in the online photo-gossip community about ISO and what value it has- see here 

…but also , here.

(These links are to YouTube Videos outside this website).

We then did some photography in low light to see what modern cameras are capable of. The answer is a great deal- at least if the subject is static- but I certainly saw both banding and colour noise in most of my high-ISO shots.

An explanation of the “Image averaging” trick , using Photoshop to reduce noise, which Colin mentioned,  can be found  here.

Tuesday March 5th is the Annual Competition, judged by Doug Berndt of Edinburgh Photographic Society. By chance, at least six regular members , three of them committee members, are away on holiday in March, so it would be good if anyone who can come early (6:30-45) would do so, to help set up.

Feb. 19th was the Tully Jackson Audiovisual competition, won by Colin Legg again, though it was closer this year than last, with Bill Paterson a close second. Colin also gave us a talk on what A/V is, how and why to do it.

We have a new Sports page. For now it has a couple of shots of canoeists at Grandtully and some shots from Haddington Athletic’s Saturday 23rd defeat. Sports page is here.

If you are keen on photography and live in or around Haddington, HCC might be just what you are looking for.

We meet every Tuesday evening from September to mid March, in the Poldrate Granary building, an old watermill by the Tyne, near where the B6368 crosses the river. Full details of how to find us are  here.  

Bob King’s three top scoring entries in this year’s monochrome competition are  here.

Image 1,2 and 3 in the 2018-19 Fiona Govan Nature Competition are here.

The stock agency Sally spoke about on Tuesday 22 Jan. is Alamy. Their web page, for further info , is here.

On Jan 29th, we had Edinburgh based professional photographer Rich Dyson talking about two photoshoot trips to Namibia, one self organised, one as part of a pro guided tour. Conclusion- the pro trip is better if you can afford it! To get more than just “holiday snaps” when travelling, you need enough time at one place to find the light you need- and that can mean days in one place. Those stark silhouettes of trees against the dunes could only be taken at all during a window of maybe ten minutes, at dawn.  (A bit like the moonshot above!) Most tourist packages just won’t get you precisely there at that critical moment. Rich Dyson’s website is here.

Notes on doing A/V presentations are in Photo Tips \Audio visual.    

Also, (who knew?) Microsoft’s rather annoying “Photos” app in Windows 10 lets you make basic a/v presentations and even adds music to them. A link to a Microsoft page that explains how is here.

 Audio Visual – Colin will accept entries until Tuesday- but any handed in this week won’t be pre-tested on the club PC. (Which is no longer in RED mode.)

In “What’s out this week?”, Canon has followed up the “EOS R” with the “EOS RP”. Full Canonical blurb here.  As you might expect, it’s smaller and lighter than Canon’s DSLRs. It seems the big boys are finally going where Olympus, Panasonic, Fuji and Sony have been for a while.

We hope to get some group outings going for the spring / summer season. Current possibilities are the Beamish folk museum  13th April  and the Pan Celtic Canoe Slalom competition in Perthshire, 6-7 April. Anyone with other suggestions, please pass them on. More detail here.


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