If you are keen on photography and live in or around Haddington, HCC might be just what you are looking for.

We meet every Tuesday evening from September to mid March, in the Poldrate Granary building, an old watermill by the Tyne, near where the B6368 crosses the river. Full details of how to find us are  here.  

Anyone get a decent shot of the lunar eclipse? Widget 2 is a 6 second image I may enter for a future Intentional Camera Movement competition. Can’t win ’em all. Fun to watch though.

Image 1,2 and 3 in the 2018-19 Fiona Govan Nature Competition are here.

The stock agency Sally spoke about on Tuesday 22 Jan. is Alamy. Their web page, for further info , is here.

Hand-in dates to remember:Jan 29th, (NEXT WEEK!) entries for the Audio-visual competition.

Feb 5th, Annual comp ( DPI).

Feb 12th, Annual comp (prints).

The weather  challenge , also for February 12th– Bring up to 3 images on the subject of WEATHER.

We hope to get some group outings going for the spring / summer season. Current possibilities are the Beamish folk museum  13th April and the Pan Celtic Canoe Slalom competition in Perthshire, 6-7 April. Anyone with other suggestions, please pass them on.


         To get in touch, please use the contact form page  here.