Tuesday 16th October. Rule 1- Never work with children, animals, Lightroom or Photoshop! Software is fickle, but it’s fun when it works, which it mostly does on your own computer, where you have it set up the way you want. The main thing is for those who never edit anything to realise what’s available and for those who do to learn new stuff- to which end , here are links to more info, mostly about Lightroom . As usual on the home page , rather than put live links, I will just show the text. Copy and paste into any browser.



From the end of November through to New Year, comet 46P/Wirtanen will be visible to the naked eye. Around Christmas it will be near the bright star Capella in our eastern sky before midnight. Sometime in December, I hope to get a comet spotting and photographing group out one night. Anyone interested, we will have a contact sheet out in the next couple of weeks.

Saturday November 3rd is Haddington’s Fireworks Display. Anyone wanting to go to take photos, there are just two meetings before that. Put your name down if interested.

By Robert Byers. Can you beat that?

GIMP ve 2.10.6 is available from https://www.gimp.org/downloads/

Faststone Image viewer is available from http://www.faststone.org/FSViewerDetail.htm


We covered a lot of ground on Tuesday 2nd. Every major digital camera type from cellphones to Full Frame, DSLR and mirrorless. A lot of information. The future looks mirrorless and fullframe mirrorless will be far smaller than full frame DSLR, so the crop systems like APS and 4/3 will lose their huge size advantage. Who will win out?

Entries for the North Berwick competition can be sent to Sally (see “Members page” or the back of your membership card for email address), or brought along on a USB stick.

If anyone wants to try the techniques Neil Scott described for creating monochrome images from colour, remember the club PC has photoshop. We don’t have the NIK add-on, but Club member Norman Dunk has- and if you want a copy of the earlier free version you can get it (as a 440MB download) from him here.   

The PC is in the darkroom (currently unplugged). It is available for anyone to use, but we keep the room locked. Anyone wanting to have a shot with the computer can either grab me (Alastair) at a meeting, or use the website contact form. First time, I will meet you and explain how to get started. After that, you’re on your own. The PC is a club resource for all members. If you would like another look at Neil’s images, the link is here.

Neil will be judging our monochrome competition later in the year , so I hope everyone was taking notes!


Charles Summers’ informative and enjoyable talk was based around a Powerpoint presentation. A link to that is here.  As it is pretty large, and requires Powerpoint or similar to view it, when I get a minute I will cut the text and paste it as a readable page.

Charles was telling us how he assesses competition entries. Our first competition will be on October 30th , with Charles as judge, but we need the images to be handed in by October 2nd, so we need to get going on this.

For more information about the First Exposure Competition, Click here.

For the North Berwick Competition, Click here.