2017-18 Syllabus.

SYLLABUS 2017-18.

A note on “hand in” nights.

A “Hand in” night is the last possible date when entries will be accepted for competitions. It is possible to hand in entries earlier. With digital projected images (DPIs or “slides” in old money) while the images can be brought along on a  memory card, it is simpler to send them as email attachments to the competition secretary.

Obviously, prints have to be handed in physically. It is always possible to leave prints in the club darkroom, suitably protected by a stiff envelope or card. Please let the competition secretary know they are there. If you need the lock combination for the darkroom, just ask.

It’s also a big help if images to be projected can be sent to the appropriate person before the evening, so (s)he can sort them into an orderly file, rather than trying to juggle ten different memory cards on the night. It also gives a chance to advise the sender if the image is wrongly sized or has other (digital) problems.


First meeting is scheduled for  Tuesday 12th September 2017. There will be  some nibbles and an introduction to the plans for the winter season, as well as general information about entering images for salons and a chance for prospective new members to ask questions. Membership fees will be extorted, but if you are new, you can take a week or two to decide if it’s your thing. Last year’s competition trophies (currently in pawn) will be returned to their rightful holders.

September 19th. A talk by Phil McLean of Wooler & District Camera Club, entitled “A Passion for Nature”. A look at Phil’s website – Click here – gives an idea of what he has in store.

September 26th. Members’ evening – “Holiday snaps” – Bring a dozen of us your best and worst.

October 3rd, Members’ evening – Selection of images for North Berwick competition. We want your best shots on the theme of “water”.

October 10th. A talk by Geoff Allan “Dawn to dusk photographing Scotland’s bothies”. Geoff is the author / illustrator of “The Scottish Bothy Bible”.

Oct 10th is the hand in night for the “First Exposure” competition.


October 17th. A talk by Hazel Mason FRPS entitled ” West to Calcutta” Here’s a link to Hazel’s photo gallery.Hazel Mason Photography

October 24th. Members’ evening – Practical session in portrait photography with Malkit Benning. As it proved hard to do sessions with a full club sized group, the plan is for  Malky to work with a group of about 12 who are interested, while others practise camera techniques  in the main room, so it will be necessary to sign up for the smaller group. First come first served.

October 31st. Same format as last week. Either a different group, or more advanced stuff.

November 7th. FIRST EXPOSURE COMPETITION. Judges Dougie Hamilton and Sue Hill, of Edinburgh  Photographic Society.

November 14th. Inter- club competition v North Berwick, at home. The theme is “Water”. As NB laid on a jolly good spread last year, we will be soliciting supplies of nosh in all forms from members. Tray bakes, cookies, haunches of venison etc. We can’t let them put us to shame. The judge will be Charles Summers.

Nov 14th is hand in night for the theme competition.

November 21st. Andy Bennetts.  Talk and (weather permitting) practical session. “Astrophotography”. (nb- Leonid meteors on the 17 & 18th with a new moon! and Mercury at max. elongation on the 24th).

November 28th. Members’ evening with Malkit Benning. More on portraits. Bring your camera.

December 5th. Talk by Ian Hamilton “Imaging in the X-Ray Spectrum”.  You thought focussing on stars at night was hard? There will be a test afterwards, so take notes. No ionising radiation will be involved, but best wear your lead breeks anyway.

December 12. THEME COMPETITION. Three photos on a theme. Any theme. You pick one. Judge, Douglas Berndt, ARPS  of Edinburgh Photographic Society.  Doug’s images can be seen here-http://www.edinburghdoug.com/

December 16th.  Saturday. Christmas Dinner. To be arranged.

December 19th. Members’ evening. Quiz .


January 9th. Comedy evening. Your silliest shots, whether accidental or deliberate and any other nonsense.

Jan 9th is hand in night for  Monochrome Competition.

January 16th. It’s that Malkit again- this time with a talk entitled “My Photography”.

January 23rd. Members’ evening – Short talks.

January 30th. Members’ evening – Practical night. (We will be looking for ideas).

February 6th. MONOCHROME COMPETITION and talk on monochrome photography by Neil Scott, who will also judge.

Feb 6th is hand in for the Audio-visual competition.


February 13th. A talk from Ross Parker- “Sports photograophy”. Some of Ross’s pictures can be seen here.

February 13th is HAND IN NIGHT for the Annual Competition.  PLEASE NOTE- THIS DATE HAS BEEN CHANGED FROM THE 20th.

February 20th. Audio visual competition.

February 27th. Talk by Neil Jenkins – “My walk through the landscape”. Neil hails from Wales and his website is  Here.

Feb 27th is hand in night for the Fiona Govan Nature Competition.

Could trophy holders please return them for engraving by tonight, so they will be ready by the AGM. (Except the annual cup, which won’t be, unless it’s been pre-fixed. Get your bid in now.)

March 6th. Talk- Richard Bennett- “In search of Nature’s Images.”


March 20th2018 ANNUAL COMPETITION  Judge, Hunter Kennedy, ARPS EFIAP MPAGB . (Current president of the SPF).

Some of Hunter’s images are on the Carluke Camera Club site Carluke Camera Club

March 27th. AGM .