North Berwick Competition .

The competition takes place in North Berwick this year, on November 22nd . That is a THURSDAY, since NB is in a different time zone, because it’s nearer the north pole.

Exact time and place details will be given nearer the day, but it’s likely to be in the Abbey Church hall in Church Road, around 7 pm-ish.

The theme for this years annual competition with North Berwick, is “Framed”.

Now it may be that someone in NB stuck a pin in a dictionary, because “frame” has rather a lot of meanings and takes up half a column in mine: It’s both a verb and a noun , with “framed” being verb and adjective. It can refer to snooker, or a bike, or a person , or a picture…in fact it’s about as open to interpretation as holy writ or a Scotrail timetable. So start thinking and let us know what you come up with.

What is “framing” in photography? It’s when you use natural elements of fore- or background to “frame” the real subject. Google “Natural framing” for ideas.

What to do with your images?  This is a digital projected image (DPI) event- no hard prints- so email them as attachments to Sally Anderson, whose email address is on your membership card, and on the “Members” page, or to making it clear they are for the NB event, not any other competition. Images will be selected by an amalgamation of scores from members on Oct 23 AND three judges ( who include two club members an an external professional photographer).