Competition Rules

Below are the new competition rules as decided by club members at the 2010 AGM

1. Members may enter up to three images for each competition. In the First Exposure and Annual Competitions, entrants may enter colour or monochrome prints, or projected images, or a combination of both.  However, mixing of prints and projected images is not permitted in the Theme Competition.  Images for the Monochrome competition may similarly be prints, projected images or a combination of both.

A monochrome work fitting from the very dark grey (black) to the very clear grey (white) is a monochrome work with various shades of grey.  A monochrome work toned entirely in a single colour will remain a monochrome work.  A monochrome image modified by a partial toning or by the addition of one colour becomes a colour work (polychrome).

In order to avoid overloading judges and permit an equable reduction in the total number of competition images for the First exposure, Monochrome or Annual competitions, members must designate one of their entries as ‘least preferred’ and this image, if necessary, will be excluded from the competition.  However this ‘least preferred’ image, if excluded, may be used in any one subsequent club competition. (See rule 2 below)

2. An image may only be entered in one internal club competition.  There are no club restrictions on the number of external competitions to which an image may be submitted.

3. All images must be the entrant’s own work, but commercially produced prints or commercially developed and/or mounted 35mm slides are acceptable.

4. Members with limited previous experience of photography and a maximum of two years membership are eligible for consideration for a special award for the “Most Promising Beginner”.  This will normally be awarded to the newest club member scoring the highest number of points in club competitions that season.  Previous winners are no longer eligible for this award.

5. In the event of a tie in a competition, the winner of each category will be the member with the highest mark for an individual image in that category.

6. The author’s membership number (and not her/his name) should be clearly marked on all slides, prints, CDs etc and any packaging.

7. The title of the image should be clearly marked on all slides or prints.  For digital image files, the title of the image should be used as the file name.

8. All prints should be submitted in a good, clean condition,as the judge may deduct marks for dirty or damaged prints/mounts.  Velcro should not be left attached to the mounts.

9. Beginners (see rule 4 above) should add a letter ‘B’ after their membership number.

10. The Competition Secretary has the right not to submit for judging any image that does not appear to comply with the competition rules.

11. Entries are normally available for collection one week after the competition or by prior arrangement.

12. All entries must be handed in promptly.  Handing-in dates will be indicated in the syllabus.

Prints should be card mounted with the title and author’s membership number printed on the back. The image may be of any size but the print mount must not exceed 20in x 16in (50cm x 40cm)

For the Theme competition,  members may alternatively mount 3 prints on a single card mount which must not exceed 20in x 16in (50cm x 40cm)

Digital Projected Images (DPI files).

Digital images may be emailed to the Competition Secretary or submitted on CD, DVD, SD card or USB memory stick.  If images are e-mailed members must ensure that they receive a message of receipt.

Digital files must be in .JPG format.  Whether the image is in landscape format, or portrait format, the long side may be no more than 1600 pixels. These are the new PAGB approved sizes from 2016-17. (ie 1600x 1200 landscape , 1200×1600 portrait).

Note. The club’s projector displays DPIs at a maximum of 1400×1050 pixels, so a larger image will in fact appear at 1400×1050, not 1600×1200,  but other clubs may have  higher resolution projectors and the PAGB rules permit 1600 pixels as the maximum “long side” of an image.

So, if your original file is bigger than 1600 pixels on it’s long side, please resize it so the long side is 1600 pixels. If the image is used in an external competition with a newer projector, it would then be shown at full size.

If your original image file is less than 1600 pixels on the long side, leave it alone. Never resize upwards, as the image loses detail.

Click here to go to the ‘Photo Tips’ page, where you will find instructions on resizing images.

Digital files can be emailed to or submitted on a CD , DVD, USB, SD device up to the handing-in date.

First Exposure Competition:
The First Exposure Competition is held early in the season. Images must not have been previously shown in any club competition.  Images must have been taken within 12 months of the date of the competition; however, this condition is waived for new members.  New members are particularly encouraged to enter this competition. Judges will award an individual mark for each image.

Theme Competition:
The Theme Competition is designed to encourage members to photograph and present creative interpretations of a particular theme chosen by the member.
Members should submit three related photographs.  It is essential to state the theme on the entry.  Images must have been taken within twelve months of the date of the competition.
Members may make entries in only one of the following categories:

• Three separate prints or a single mount of three prints not exceeding 20 in x 16 in (50cm x 40cm)

• Three projected images

The images should work together as a set of three, and the sequence of presentation should be indicated (i.e. which image comes first, second and last).  To help the images cohere, prints should all use the same size and colour of mount.  Judges will award an individual mark for each image, and a further mark for each set of images to reflect how well, in the judges opinion, the set of images interpret the theme.

Monochrome Competition:
This competition is for monochrome images as defined under General Rule 1. Images must have been taken within twelve months of the date of the competition. Submissions may be prints or projected images or a mixture of both.  The entries will be judged in the same manner as the First Exposure and Annual competitions.

Fiona Govan Nature and Wildlife Competition.                                                                                    Most PAGB “Nature or Wildlife” competitions have a strict “no post-edit” rule, where cropping is allowed, but not much more. That’s not the case here.  This competition started rather informally , to encourage members to try nature photography. It is judged by the club members as a whole, with no external judge. We may tighten the rules as time passes, depending on members’ preference, but for now, it’s a “nature” competition, not solely “wildlife” . Just use the head. No grafted in flying ducks unless absolutely necessary. If you can’t find a real duck, try a duck-free landscape. The key word is “natural”.

Annual Club Competition:
The Annual Competition is the last of the internal competitions. Images must have been taken within 12 months of the date of the competition.  Judges will award an individual mark for each image.

At the AGM, trophies will be awarded to the winners of the individual competitions, and also for the best projected image and the best print in the Annual Competition.

• Tyne Cup.  Presented to the winner of the First Exposure competition.
• League Cup.  Presented to the overall winner of the Theme competition.
• Annual Competition Trophy.  Presented to the winner of the Annual competition.
• Colour Trophy.  Presented to the author of the best projected image in the Annual competition.
• John Apps Trophy.  Presented to the author of the best print in the Annual competition
• Lothian Cup.  Presented to the Most Promising Beginner.
• The Tully Jackson Cup.  Presented to the winner of the Short Story  (A/V ? video) Competition (does not contribute to the Carlyle Cup).

.The Fiona Govan Memorial Cup for nature and wildlife photography.

• Carlyle Cup.  Presented to the member scoring the greatest number of points in club competitions over the entire season.

Certificates of Merit will be awarded in the following categories
First Exposure, Theme, and Monochrome Competitions:
Highest scoring single Print
Highest scoring single Projected Image
Highest scoring Beginner (total Prints and/or Projected Images)
Annual Competition:
Highest scoring Beginner (total Prints and/or Projected Images)

External Competitions

Members may submit, or be invited to submit, any number of images to be considered for entry into external Inter-Club competitions.  While every care will be taken with member’s work, prints and slides can and do get damaged.  For that reason, members have the right to refuse permission for their work to be used in this way.  Images may be submitted for consideration at any time during the season.

The Competition Secretary is responsible for selection of images for external competitions.
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