The club can cater for both film and digital photography, having a very well-equipped darkroom, located on the first floor of the Poldrate Arts and Craft Centre. In practice though everyone these days is using digital equipment and printers. Anyone wanting to do wet work would need to supply their own consumables. There is an enlarger for black & white printing as well as dishes and all the darkroom paraphernalia that is needed. IOt is likely this material will be disposed of  in the near future.  Equipment dates very quickly,
A key gains access to the darkroom. This is stored in the keysafe, which is fixed to the wall opposite the darkroom door.

Following an award in 2011 of a significant grant from the Awards for All scheme (funded by the National Lottery), the club was able to purchase a new projector, have a second computer built and additions provided for the PA system.
The club has two projectors. The older, Astrobeam X20 DLP is available (by arrangement) for hire by club members only, for the purposes of showing their own digital or video material at other venues. The hire charge (which is necessary to cover the cost of eventual bulb replacement) is £20 per day – however, if a member wishes occasional use of the projector for use with a community group and where no fee is charged by the member, the £20 fee may be waived at the committee’s discretion.

There is a notebook for recording when the projector is borrowed and when it is returned. Note that to prolong the life of the projector bulb, it is vital that the projector is left plugged into the mains until the fan has stopped – this will take a couple of minutes after switching off the projector, and allows the bulb to cool down. An experienced club member will be happy to advise or read the instruction manual carefully.
The scanner is a Nikon Coolscan IV ED suitable for 35mm slides and negatives. It offers 2900dpi resolution, ICE3 image correction software and a USB connection to the computer.
A flatbed scanner is also available for use.

The club has two computers. One, with an attached printer (see below) has a copy of Photoshop CS4 and the other a copy of Photoshop CS5 installed.
There is a spindle of blank CDs in the darkroom on which to copy scanned or processed photos. USB memory sticks can also be used. The blank CDs are 20p each – please record usage of any CDs in the notebook for that purpose. The Treasurer will collect the money at a later date.

The printer is a Canon i9100 A3 bubble jet unit, capable of very high quality output on both A3 and A4 paper. There are basic A3 and A4 papers provided. Costs of printing are as follows;

Using paper supplied by club
A4 printing, per sheet: £2.00
A3 printing, per sheet: £4.00

Using your own paper
A4 printing, per sheet: £1.50
A3 printing, per sheet: £3.00

Please record the number of sheets used in the notebook provided for this purpose. The Treasurer will collect the money at a later date. Note that most of the printing cost is in the ink rather than in the cost of the paper.