2018-19 Syllabus


First- What is a “Hand in ” night?

A “Hand in” night is the last possible date when entries will be accepted for a competition. It is perfectly possible to hand in entries earlier. Digital projected images (“DPI” or “slides”) can be brought along on a  memory card, but it is simpler to send them electronically to the competition secretary. (hcc_compsec@Hotmail.com  ), as email attachments or using https://Wetransfer.com/  which is a service that makes it easy to send large files and gives confirmation of receipt.

It’s  a big help if images to be projected can be sent to the appropriate person  in advance, so they can be sorted into a folder, avoiding delay on the night. It also gives a chance to advise the sender if the image is wrongly sized or has other (digital) problems and it gives time to resend if something goes wrong in transit.

Obviously, prints must be handed in physically. It is  possible to leave prints in the club darkroom, suitably protected by a stiff envelope or card. Please let the competition secretary know they are there. If you need the lock combination for the darkroom, ask any committee member- we try not to write it down). 

2018-19 Competition Dates.

North Berwick competition (away) 22 November 2018. (THURSDAY).

Internal competition dates:-

First Exposure: 30 October.           Hand in by 2nd October 2018.

Theme:            11 December 2018. Hand in 13 November. Pick any  theme for three images.

Monochrome:   5th February 19.     Hand in  8th January.

Nature:               15th January.           Hand in 4th December.

Annual:           5th March 2019.          Hand in 5th February (for DPI).

Hand in 12th February for prints.

Audio visual: 19th Feb 2019.             Hand in 29th January.

Below is the tentative syllabus for 2018-19. The  dates  above are  fixed. Other dates are being finalised.

Sept 11 • Opening meeting and welcome to all members, old and new

Sep 18 Guest speaker – Charles Summers: “A judge’s view”.

Sep 25 Talk – Neil Scott on his work, techniques and experiences with monochrome photography

Oct. 2nd. Members night: Know Your Camera Part 1 – different makes, models, formats Plus: Discussion on image requirements for Inter-club competition with North Berwick (see syllabus for Oct 23 and Nov 22) (Hand-in date for entries to the “First Exposure” competition)

Oct 9 Members night: Know Your Camera Part 2 – post-processing of images

Oct 16 Guest speaker – Talk by Montgomery Optometrists: The application of photography in optometry

Oct 23 Members evening – selection of images for Inter-club event with North Berwick

Oct 30 Competition: “First Exposure” competition
Judge: Charles Summers.

Nov 6 Members night: Review of “First Exposure” competition and discussion on requirements for “Theme” competition and associated issues.

Nov 13 Members night: Presentations by members of their favourite images

Nov 20  Rob Roger. How to get the best from home printers.

Nov 22 (THURSDAY) Competition: Inter-club competition with North Berwick ( at North Berwick)
Theme: “Framed”

27 Members night: Review of Inter-club competition with North Berwick and discussion on requirements for “Monochrome” competition and associated issues

Dec 4  Guest speaker –  Mark Reeves “Messing around with the landscape”.

(Hand-in date for entries to the “Nature” competition)

Dec. 11 Competition: “Theme” competition
Judge: Neil Spowart

18 Change. Christmas evening at Poldrate. A social evening with a secondary aim- to clear a backlog of stuff from the darkroom.

Jan 8 Change. Norm Dunk will give a talk on using off-camera flash.

(Hand-in date for entries to the “Monochrome” competition)

Jan 15 Competition: “Nature” competition (judged by members)

Jan 22 How to make money from photography.

Speakers: Andy Bennetts – Selling Photos
                     Sally Anderson – Selling Stock & News Photos


Jan 29 Guest speaker – Rich Dyson LRPS , Edinburgh based professional photographer, talking about a recent photo-trip to Namibia.

•  Hand in date for Audio-visual competition.

Feb 5 Competition: “Monochrome”
Judge: Neil Scott

• Hand in date for DPI entries for Annual Competition.

Feb 12  Members night:

• Review of “Monochrome” competition – followed by Best Monochrome image showcase by existing members (print and DPI)
• Planning session for 2018-19 Annual Exhibition at the John Gray Centre

• Hand in date for printed entries to the “Annual” competition)

Feb 19 Competition: Audio/visual (A/V) competition (judged by members)

Feb 26 Members night: practical session – members’ requests or suggestions welcome

Mar 5 Competition: “Annual” competition
Judge: Doug Berndt

Mar 12 Members night: Review of “Annual” competition
(Other topics to be arranged – members’ requests or suggestions welcome)

Mar 19 Quiz Night.

26 AGM and presentation of competition award certificates and trophies