2019_20 Season Starter Winners

“Kingfisher” by Jon Moore
“Never too old” by Andy Bennetts
“Tantallon Castle & the Bass” by Jon Moore
“Newest Crossing” by Andy Bennetts

The “firsts” in the four categories- Flora & Fauna , People , Landscape and Structure.

So, after the Season Starter, the scores so far…

Jon Moore 15
Andy Bennetts 12
Bob King 5
Michael Thomson 5
Alastair Macrae 5
Grace Hynd 5
Richard Wells 5
Harry Paton 4
Laurence Hawking 4
Melanie Ehsan 4
Gillian Hume 3
Sally Heaphy 3
Colin Legg 3
Alison Cameron 3
Lorraine Lloyd 3
Jim White 3
Elaine Dowding 3
Nigel Szwed 3
Paul Laycock 3
Sally Anderson 3
Jean Inglis 2

“Odd Angles ” Challenge Scores. 1st place      Jean Inglis              14 points               Bench
2nd place   Alison Cameron   13 points             Over the Edge of the Pier
3rd place        Colin Legg               12 points               Hung Up to Dry
4th                     Colin legg               10 points               Horses
joint 5th    Grace Hynd               9 points          The Iron Lady
 Sally Anderson   9 points           Upside Down
Alison Cameron   9 points          Flora in a Frozen  Flower                     
Paul Laycock            9 points          Brexit Discussion

Theme Competition Scores and running totals.

Winning sets