How to send competition entries

  1. Please check the competition rules for the requirements for images eg sizing.
  2.  DPI files being sent electronically should be named according to this protocol-

    Competition Name_Category Name*_Title of Image_Membership Number

    * Where appropriate.

    (example-Season Starter_Landscape_The Bass Rock_13).

    3.Go to

    4. Upload your images, add your email address, and any message and  send to , ideally for all competitions and challenges. When there are  any exceptions to this, notice will be given .

  1. Click ‘Transfer’. You will get a confirmation screen saying that your images have been sent. When the competition secretary downloads your image(s), you will get another confirmation email that this has happened. You will not receive an email directly from the Competition Secretary in person, but please check back if you are in any doubt that the attachments have been received.  We want everyone to use “Wetransfer” for a reason. Emails with attachments can be missed. We had cases of this last year. In such a case, the sender assumes it has been received, but the comp. secretary does not know it has been sent.  The “Wetransfer”  system ensures that both parties know the message has been sent, received and opened. It is as easy to use as email and bypasses the size limits of some email types.