Projected Image entries can be emailed to the competition secretary

(Note- “Challenges” may be supervised by other members. If so, a different email address will be announced .)

For the internal competitions, the crucial thing is to READ THE RULES !  Even long-standing members could benefit from reading the rules – there are changes from time to time.  The club runs four main “internal” competitions for still images during the year, which count towards the annual total points prize, (Carlyle Cup).

Season Starter  (previously called “First Exposure” Competition)
Theme Competition
Monochrome Competition
Annual Competition

There is also an audio-visual and a Nature competition, judged by club members rather thjan an external judge.

Whilst there is no obligation, all members are encouraged to enter these competitions as a way of obtaining feedback and helping to improve their photographic skills. The syllabus provides information on the entry dates for each competition and the Competition Secretary will be happy to offer guidance and support.

The requirements for each competition are different but usually involve members handing entries to the Competition Secretary two or three weeks before the competition on the dates marked on the syllabus. The club invites a respected judge to come along on the night of the competition to display and talk about the images, and to select the best images.  See the Competition rules for further details.
There are cups to be won:
Tyne Cup – “Season starter” Competition winner
League Cup – Theme Competition winner
Monochrome Cup – Presented to the winner of the Monochrome Competition
Annual Competition Trophy – Presented to the winner of the Annual Competition
Colour Trophy – Best projected image in the Annual Competition
John Apps Trophy – Best print (colour or monochrome) in the Annual Competition
Lothian Cup – Most promising beginner
Tully-Jackson Cup – Short Story (audio visual) Competition
Carlyle Cup – Greatest number of points over the entire season. This is the most prestigious trophy!

Follow the race on the “Competition Results” page.

Judges are volunteers who are experienced amateur or professional photographers and are often members of other camera clubs in the area. They are familiar with the rules for entries, undergo training as judges and do their best to provide an informative and constructive assessment of the pros and cons of each entry.  Like all of us, their assessments are to a certain extent subjective, and this may explain why good entries that meet all the rules may receive different assessments and awards.  Some judges are more adept at discussing the artistic merits and weaknesses of an image than others, while others are fussy about seemingly minor technical ‘flaws’.  It is important to remember that the opinion presented by the judge is a single opinion.  Different judges can and do have varying opinions on the same image.  We are very fortunate that these individuals take the time to travel here and spend an evening at the club, helping us all improve our photographic skills.