Settings will vary with your camera type and model, but the general idea is-

Use a tripod. Exposures will vary from 1 second to 10 seconds or longer, but to avoid camera shake you need a tripod or to fix the camera solidly on a bean bag or similar.

Use your base ISO.  100 or 200 or lower if you have it. Fireworks are bright.

Start with  the smallest aperture the lens allows. f/22 or smaller if you can. Check your first shot and open up if necessary.

Manual mode. Manual focus. Try to focus on the “launch site ” beforehand if you can. It’s probably dark, so try any streetlight or headlight near by as a starting focus point. Once you have found acceptable focus, leave it there.

Use sense:- Get there early, set up where you won’t have kids falling over the tripod. Dress warmly. Have a spare battery. Format your memory card in advance.

Post editing can recover some shadows at the site, but you may prefer to take a shot of the site before it gets dark and do a composite.

Reflections in water add to the height of the image and trees etc lit by fireworks behind them add depth.