How to add your images

Any club member can post images to the club online gallery, by sending them to the website admin.

Email them as attachments  using this address-, or  (either will work).

or use the private email address on the Members only page.

or pass them to any committee member at meetings on a  USB stick /  SD card / etc., Cards will be returned.

We will create an individual gallery for each member who sends images.

JPEG format is simplest. I can convert RAW files  to JPEG, but medium sized JPEGs are much smaller for email.

Best maximum  image size seems to be 1400 x 1050 or thereabouts,  for landscape images.

Portrait format is trickier to show onscreen. Big portrait images must be scrolled up or down to see the whole picture using the gallery plug-in, so landscape format is easier, but we can fit big portrait format images on their own page if necessary.

For now, I suggest  around 1400 x 1050 / 1050 x 1400 as a good MAXIMUM size for all images. If you particularly want to use a bigger image, send it anyway. If resizing is needed, I will try for a good fit. If the website grows too big, we may resize or remove images as required.

We remove the ability to “Right click & copy”,  though a screen dump remains possible, so if you are concerned about image theft,  use lower resolution versions, or watermark your images. The picture below gives a guide to sizes.

This image is 350 x 262 pixels.


My personal email address is on the back of the membership card.