This page contains links to websites of interest to photographers locally and further afield and some tips to do with photography and computers.

A note of caution. Browsing the internet has potential risks. On photographic sites,  you may see images which are not to your taste, or which you might not want youngsters to see. There is also a risk that sites could download viruses or other  malware to your computer or tablet. You might  find yourself  targeted by adverts based on your browser history. This is the nature of the ‘Net. While all the sites listed here have been visited and seem fine, the internet changes constantly and it is impossible to guarantee that all sites linked here will always be 100% safe. Mind how you go. 

Keep your firewall / anti virus / anti malware software up to date. Always check sites before letting  children use them. If you find anything  dodgy  on any linked site, please use the “Contact” menu to let us know.

We have “live” blue  links to the major photographic organisations and local bodies. Other links  in bold red text  are not ” click to go” live links, just the URL address. Copy the address and paste it into your browser search window in a new tab to visit each site.

If you have favourite sites you think  should be added, do tell. The list will be updated on an ad hoc basis.


For a link to the PAGB Newsletter archive click here.

Chris Bray’s online photo graphic course can be found here.

There are more tutorials for GIMP and Photoshop available on Youtube than anyone could ever watch. Here are some.Photoshop 3 2 1      Gimp tutorial

Darktable  is a freeware RAW developer. If GIMP is a “free Photoshop” , Darktable is (sort of) a “free Lightroom”. Originally developed for Linux, it has finally been ported to the Windows OS. Have a look here.

Software like GIMP and Darktable are open source- created by enthusiasts. Sometimes, they are actually more advanced than commercial software like the Adobe suite. The price is right, anyway.

Photographic federations and organisations.

The Scottish Photographic Federation – umbrella organisation for all Scottish photographic clubs .

The Photographic Alliance of Great Britain – co-ordinates specific activities for photographic clubs in England, Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland.

The Royal Photographic Society is a membership organisation that promotes all aspects of photography across art and science.

Local organisations .

The Lamp of Lothian Trust provides for the local community and our meetings are held in a building administered by them.

The John Gray Centre  aka Haddington Library, is the place to go for local information on practically anything to do with local history and a selection of books on photography.



Scottish Camera shops . 

Probably the last “traditional camera shop” in Edinburgh. Lots of second hand equipment.

Wex (Calumet) Leith.

Calumet’s Leith store. Now part of Wex.

Merchant City Cameras, Glasgow

Further afield- This Glasgow  Cross shop is   Scotland’s sole independent Olympus dealer as well as selling other big brands.

Photographic advice  and sites of photographic interest.  

A very informative site on all things related to macro / close up  photography.


“Scotland on Screen” a collection of old films of Scotland.

More to come…

Free Photoediting or other software.

Latest stable version of the GIMP ( Free alternative to Photoshop) can be downloaded here.

Are your Windows folders a bit of a hodge podge?

A useful free program for sorting images by EXIF date is “Photomove 2.5”

If you have thousands of images scattered in random folders in Windows, the freeware version will sort them into dated folders, using the EXIF dates.

There’s also a “Pro” version for $8.95 (about £6 currently), which gives more options about date formats  and what to do with duplicates.

A link to Google’s NIK Collection suite of Photographic effect software.The Nik collection is a set of seven plug-ins for Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, and Apple Aperture. The toolbag includes vintage camera filters, black-and-white controls, HDR effects, noise reduction, color correction, color enhancement, and sharpening.). Now maintained by DxO


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