President’s report, October 2015

The 2015 to 2016 season got off to a great start with the first night wine and cheese evening being so kindly looked after and bankrolled by member Elizabeth Hutchinson.

Our first proper night was a talk by Libby Smith and her amazing images which caught the imagination of the members who afterwards asked if we could maybe have a return visit from Libby to run a workshop for a complete day , which I expect would be a Saturday. The cost of this would be divided by the number of members who took up the offer , I have been in contact with Libby and she is willing to do a workshop for us and we are just working out dates and cost at the moment and I shall email you all when we have a firm date to put the offer to the members.

The second night was a brilliant night from Charles Summers who gave us an indication of what the judges are looking for in our images.

We then moved on to Hunter Kennedy and his kind of photography and his amazing landscapes again work that caught the imagination of our members. And so the season goes on.

I am pleased to say we have 10 new members this year and offer them a warm welcome to the club.
On members, we have a total of 53 paid members so far with 38 being concessions, which again puts pressure on the treasurer to run a tight ship as more and more requests come in for good speakers and lectures which cost a lot of money and outlay for the club.

I am pleased to announce that there has been a new category and cup to aim for this year and that is the Fiona Govan memorial Trophy for natural history pictures. Yes I am pleased to announce this, as Fiona was a valued member of the club, a great photographer and her passion for the natural history had no bounds and I feel it to be a fitting tribute to her and her enthusiasm for the club and photography in general. The Cup has been jointly paid for by her close friends in the club and the club itself. We have the cup and rules and regulations will be sent out in due coarse. The images will be judged by the members on a club night near the end of the season so you will all have plenty time to capture those stunning images.

This just leaves me to conclude that the new website has gone down very well with the members and any of you who had pictures in the gallery section of the old site please update with new images to the new site so we can get out there what Haddington Camera Club is all about

We also have the honour to have been asked to put on a month long exhibition in the John Gray Centre during the Haddington Festival in April /May

Have a great and productive season.
Mike Shakspeare


Haddington Camera Club