A visit to Pitlochry on Feb 16th permitted a quick “practise” run to Grandtully to look at the white water canoe area. Paddlers have to move upstream against the current, as well as down. That means they are slower, probably producing more splashing and facing south west, so better lit. Paddles and arms hide the face pretty frequently, especially if you get really low.

A  visit to Haddington Athletic’s Millfield ground on Feb 23rd saw them lose 4-0 and made it clear that footballers move around a lot- and rather quickly! A fast zoom and good light are required-and practice.

These days, kids are often criticised for being overweight and glued to their phones. The  youngsters doing acrobatics at the handrail were none of the above- and were assuredly having more fun than the Haddington players. The wee lad had pretty decent ball skills, too.