Aerial Photography.

Pottering in the garden this morning, 18 June, I found myself being circled by a light aircraft. This close to East Fortune, that’s not unusual, but this was lower than most and seemed to be looking for something, so , being nosey, I grabbed the camera.

Reims-Cessna F172M Skyhawk G-CBME
Just a minute, what’s that person in the window doing?
Well, you nosey devil. Just as well I wasn’t sunbathing in me skimpies!

For fun, I googled the registration and came upon various references to this particular aircraft . According to the Daily Mirror, (So it must be true!) it has a £100,000 quiet engine that lets it sneak up on you (it was pretty quiet considering it was rather low) and £50,000 of surveillance gear on board, which rather makes me wonder why they need to take pics hand held oot an open windae.

It belongs to Skytrax Aviation Ltd., an aerial photography company, so if someone calls shortly asking if you would like an aerial photo of your house, this may be who took it. I’d have thought that sort of work would be mostly done by drones nowadays.