Anyone at the Air Show?

Yet again, in the middle of a spell of sunny and dry weather, Scotland’s National Air Show at East Fortune was cursed with an atrocious start to the day’s weather, which thankfully improved a bit in the afternoon, though continued bad weather elsewhere prevented several aircraft from flying.

Being grounded by weather at Heathrow is bad enough, but Cumbernauld? Jings!

While the view at East Fortune can be spectacular, a number of photographers tend to gather on Traprain Law in hopes of catching the aircraft on the way in, at a comparable height to their approach, so avoiding the standard shot from below. This is a risky tactic, since it only pays off if the aircraft approach or depart to the south- and today, only a couple did, probably because the hills were in cloud and the route out over the Forth had fewer rocks in it.

Westland Wildcat and foggy Lammermuir Hills.

The Westland Wildcat was first to arrive, feeling its way through the murk.

T-6 Texan passing East Linton.

The Texan did a lap of honour around Traprain, providing the sort of contextual top-shot that can be hard to get at the show itself…

…and a rather soft MiG-15