Hadd-Aware 2020.

Message: (Received Jan 23 2020).

HADD-aware 2020.

Blooming Haddington warmly invites you to join us at a lively Haddington Aware Event on Saturday 7th March 2020 in the Town House, Haddington. This is a promotional/recruitment event and as a local organisation we hope you will be able to attend. The event is an opportunity for local organisations to promote and tell the community about themselves, their services and to attract additional volunteers if so wished.

We hope to see a minimum of 15 local organisations represented but can accommodate up to 25. To ensure a place an early response would be helpful. Our Community Kitchen have agreed to manage the catering for the event which will be in the Buffet Room on the first floor.

Strive, the volunteer centre for East Lothian based in Tranent are engaging and their database/website facility will help anyone interested in volunteering to do so. In terms of volunteering, it may be worthwhile to consider occasional or infrequent volunteers who are unable to commit regularly or those with specific talents who might be able to help with particular tasks.

We all know that our town has a growing population. The Hadd-aware Event will hopefully showcase Haddington through the work we all do to help our town. Our expectation is this event will be followed by other opportunities over the coming year where local organisations will again be able to promote their service to new and existing residents in Haddington.

The booking of the Town House for HADD-aware 2020 is from 9am on Saturday 7th March 2020 for set up by organisations of a stall/table with any promotional materials, crafts etc you may wish to use. Doors will open to the public from 10.00 am. The event will close at 12.00 noon and the accommodation let ends at 12.30 pm to allow for tidying up.

If you have any questions about the practicalities of representing your organisation at this event please do not hesitate to make contact via bloominghaddington@gmail.com and I will reply as quickly as I can.

More details will be communicated in due course, however at this stage any organisation who would like to participate should reply to bloominghaddington@gmail.com with the subject title HADD-aware 2020. If you are able to respond by 16th February, 2020 that would be most helpful.

Kind regards

Jim Watson
Blooming Haddington Committee