How to use “”

Before you start- Put the image files you intend to send in a folder you know how to find easily. Make sure they are properly named-

Competition name_Category ( if any)_Title_Member number

eg- Cellphone challenge_”My dog”_13

(There is no category in this challenge.)

When you are happy that the files are ready to be sent, start your web browser and go to

Click the blue “I agree” button. This activates the “Add your files” box.

Click the “Add your files” button , navigate to the folder where you saved your image files, select the files and click “open”, or hit the return key. Browsers differ.

The files will appear in the “Add your files” box. If some are missing, use the add more files button to repeat selection. Once you have them all added, fill in the “Email to” box –usually this will be but for the cellphone challenge, use

Put your own email address in the next box, for your receipt .

You can add a message in the message box if required.

Click “Transfer” and you’re done.

The images below show what it looks like. Note that the background appearance of the site changes constantly. Ignore that. Only the white “Add your files” box matters.