More Trainspotting.

Since the trips over the Forth Bridge, the “Flying Scotsman” has apparently been lurking near Bo’ness. This morning (Monday 27th May) it headed back south, pulling just a single coach.

Acting on secret intelligence gathered by the CIA and Robert Byers, I set off hoping for better light- which didn’t materialise. The engine passed Drem at 06:26 . The sun had been up at about 04:50, but had then gone back to bed.

This time, I cranked the ISO to 800, which still only gave 1/125th at f/2.8. This might have been fine if the engine was pulling a full train, but with a single coach, it doesn’t hang around. I had to raise the exposure nearly 2 stops in Photoshop, blow up a power line gantry and add some smoke to get that “jigsaw” look. I planted the cow parsley specially, so judges would have something to be distracted by.

“Flying Scotsman” before breakfast.