Common problems with competition images

So, you enter a few shots for a competition. You rather like them. Your friend says they are nice. You don’t suppose they are world beaters, but you reckon the judge will be pleased.

Forget it. Judges are never pleased, because they have seen it all before:-Three hundred photos of the Kelpies. Eilan Donan castle. Sunset on Leith. It’s all been done to death.

The problem from the judge’s point of view is that (s)he has to say something – ideally something helpful, about an image that is just the same as six others he saw last week.

What may be even harder is if it’s something he doesn’t recognise at all, for example a close up of the top of a Ford Focus shock absorber. In the dark. No matter how well done, this will not score high.

The following images illustrate some of the things that will make a judge cringe. Avoiding them won’t guarantee high scores, but it should help avoid really low ones.