Club Constitution

The constitution is available in PDF form here

March 2019

CONSTITUTION of the HADDINGTON CAMERA CLUB (of Haddington, East Lothian, Scotland)

(Revised 2019)

1. The Club shall be called HADDINGTON CAMERA CLUB.The Club shall be affiliated to the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain (PAGB) through the Scottish Photographic Federation (SPF).

2. The object of the Club shall be the practice and promotion of photography amongst its members, by demonstration of processes and methods, by the delivery of lectures relating to photography, through competitions and constructive criticism and also by the promotion of outings and of exhibitions of photographic work.

3. The managementof the Club shall be vested in a Committee of 6 to 9 members including a Secretary, Treasurer and Competition Secretary, with other Office Bearers as considered necessary. Five members of the Committee shall form a quorum. The Committee is empowered to elect appropriate Sub Committees as and when necessary. The Committee may fill up any vacancies among its members by co-opting members from the Club membership.The Committee will elect a Chair. Committee decisions will be determined by majority vote with the Chair having a casting vote.

4. All money raised by the Club will be spent on pursuance of the objectives laid out in the Constitution and development and promotion of the Club’s community at the discretion of the Committee. All payments will be signed by two of the signatories. For cheque payments, the signatories will sign the cheque. For other payments (such as BACS payments, cash withdrawals, debit card payments or cash payments) a requisition note will be signed by two signatories, and held by the treasurer. An Auditor shall be elected annually.

5. The Committee shall act as custodian of any Club property and assets and ensure that any dispersal of funds or property is done only in the interests of the Club.

6. Elections shall be held at the Annual General Meeting (AGM). Office Bearers shall normally hold office for two years. Retiring Office Bearers may be re-elected for a further period of two years and shall not normally be eligible for election to the post for a further period unless no other members stand for election. Other members of the Committee shall hold office for two years and be eligible for re-election each year up to a maximum of 4 years unless no other members stand for election. It is expected that Committee members attend committee meetings regularly.

7. The AGM shall be held during March or early April. The Secretary shall give members at least seven days’ notice of the AGM, stating the agenda to be discussed. The financial year shall end on 28th February and the Treasurer shall submit accounts duly audited to the AGM. Members may submit agenda items in writing 21 days in advance to the Secretary.

8. Any paid up member shall be entitled to appoint a proxy to vote on their behalf at an AGM or Special General Meeting (SGM) of the Club. The proxy must be a paid up member of the Club and must present written evidence of the proxy at the meeting. Alternatively a member may appoint the Chair to vote on their behalf by writing to the Secretary or other appropriate Club official prior to the AGM or SGM.

9. An SGM shall be called:-(a) When the Committee deems it necessary. (b) On a requisition being presented to the Secretary stating the matter to be discussed and signed by at least twelve ordinary members.The Secretary shall give members at least seven days’ notice of an SGM, stating the matter to be discussed.

10. An AGM or SGM will be quorate if 10members or 10% of the membership, whichever is greater, are present.

11. In the absence of a President the AGM or SGM shall elect its own Chair.

12. The annual and weekly subscriptions shall be determined at each AGM.

13. Annual subscriptions shall be payable on admission to membership and thereafter by the end of October each year. New members admitted during the months of February to September shall be exempt from payment of the annual subscription for that session. Weekly subscriptions will be collected at the meetings as determined by the Committee.

14. A member whose subscription is in arrears after October shall not be eligible to participate in any Club activities, until no longer in default, except at the discretion of the Committee.

15. Any member changing their mail or email address shall notify the change to the Secretary in writing, otherwise all notices sent to the old address shall be held as duly delivered.

16. The Committee shall have power to expel any member whose conduct is in opposition to the well being and good name of the Club. Such member may present their case, at the next or specially convened Committee meeting, to be held after a period of not less than 14 days’ notice provided to the member.

17. The Club shall normally hold weekly evening meetings from September to March and may hold additional meetings during the summer on dates to be arranged by the Committee. The Committee can alter the date and time of meetings and arrange outings and extra meetings as may seem desirable.

18. The Committee shall draw up a programme for meetings. A copy of the programme shall be provided to all members each year.

19. Each member may introduce friends to up to two meetings (excluding business meetings). Non members attending outings do so at their own risk. The Committee shall have the power to limit this as necessary.

20. Unless otherwise specifically requested by a Club member, the Club shall be permitted to use any images submitted to the Club by that member for showing at Club and interclub events, exhibitions of the Club’s work, on the Club’s social media (at reduced resolution) or for advertising Club events. Such photographs will not be used by the Club for any other purposes or for commercial gain without the written permission of the Club member. Ownership and copyright of images submitted to the Club for competitions or other purposes will remain with the Club member.

21.The club is to be insured for public liability.

22.Members may use any of the club’s equipment by arrangement with the Secretary. Any damage or loss shall be reported without delay to the Secretary. The cost of repair or replacement shall be borne by the member concerned if resulting from lack of reasonable care. Loss or damage of personal equipment is the owner’s responsibility.

23. This Constitution can only be altered by a two-thirds majority of members present or by proxy at the AGM or an SGM called in terms of clause 9. Any member desiring to propose any alteration or addition to this Constitution may do so by submitting the terms of the motion, in writing, to the Secretary 21 days before the AGM or by requisitioning an SGM in terms of clause 9. In disputes arising over the interpretation of the Constitution, the Committee’s decision will be final.

24. In the event of a motion being passed to wind up the Club, members shall discharge all debts and liabilities of the Club. Thereafter the remaining assets shall not be paid or distributed amongst the members of the Club but shall be distributed, as determined by the Committee, to recognised bodies promoting the good of photography and whose rules preclude the distribution of surplus income or assets among its members.

25. This Constitution contained herein shall be equally binding on all members. Adopted at the Annual General Meeting of 2019.

Signed:A.J.Reeves, Chair of the AGM