Exhibition update:- The exhibition is now open to view.  Our annual exhibition poster is above.  The image as a pdf is here-> HCC Exhibition poster


The SPF 96th annual salon and AGM is in Kirkcaldy on Saturday 18th May. Full details ->here.

Other photographable events-

Motorcycle racing at East Fortune, 18-19 May.

The Flying Scotsman, 60103 will be crossing the Forth Rail Bridge on Sunday 19th as part of the “Forth Circle” run, leaving Linlithgow at 08:55


Fiddling with the website, Chapter 2.

All the HTTP links should now be changed to HTTPS. If your browser shows any “Insecure / unsafe” advisory, let us know, using the contact page.

Over the summer, we will remove blog-style content to a blog post area, leaving the homepage as a static introduction to the site. All the content that has been removed from the home page can be found via the “Recent Posts” link at the top right of the page on a PC. On a phone or tablet that link may be further down the page.