The club meets in winter, from 10th September. Experience has shown that organising anything in summer is difficult, as people are busy with other things- like taking photographs. If you are considering joining in autumn, feel free to send us an email address via the contact page . We will send you a reminder in September. Contact data will NOT be used for anything else and (in this case) will be erased after a single use. Contact page is here

We are making experimental changes to competition scoring systems this year, to reduce work for the Competition Secretary and to avoid entries getting lost. There will be more about this before the season kicks off. Please take time to read this page and check it for updates.

What are camera clubs about? Here’s an introduction with some frequently asked questions.

Our Data Protection Policy is here.

The first draft of the 2019-2020 syllabus is here.

Free photo developer software available. A program called “ON1 Effects 2019” is currently available free online. I have not used it, but Sally says it’s a decent alternative to Lightroom. The link is below. I have not installed it on my PC as I don’t need it and I have some reservations about the download and install instructions. If anyone wants to try it here’s a link.