The more attentive readers of membership cards may have spotted a teensy anomaly. There is no entry for November 19th. This is due to Brexit.

Fortunately, you can find it here in the Calendar and events pages.

17 Sept. Some really lovely views of Scotland tonight from Neil McDade, the man behind Facebook’s “Spectacular Scotland” site. I would have been happy to have taken any of the images Neil showed us. He is determined, whenever possible, to find a new viewpoint from which to photograph Scotland’s best known views, so his results are recognisably different. I have images of the Forth Rail Bridge from Dalmeny station, but it never occurred to me to go there at night, in fog. It occurred to him. The tree-framed shot of Kilchurn Castle, the snowy highland border hills beyond Stirling Castle, from Bannockburn- original variations on old themes that present known scenes in a fresh new way. It clearly takes a lot of time and effort- which is usually the secret of doing anything well. Neil’s off to Iceland soon. I will be interested to see what he brings back.

10 Sept. Apart from a closely averted disaster with the kitchen cupboard keys, things went generally to plan at the first meeting. There was a lot to get through and I can imagine first timers and maybe several old members were reeling from information overload, In particular, the new competition rules do need a bit of explaining. It will be easier when we actually do it.

Same goes for the hasty explanation about the projector resolution. Keep that screen height limit of 1050 pixels in your mind and don’t worry about the rest. We will go over it again.

To the new folk. We hope you will be back. It would be useful to know what you expect from the club. What do you hope to get out of it? What do you feel you can contribute? What would you like to see? The more you put in, the more you tend to get out. Don’t be scared to speak up.


If you like photographing gardens, there is a rather unusual event taking place in Athelstaneford over the weekend of 20-21 September, led by 2018 Garden Photographer of the Year Andrea Jones.

On the subject of flowers and gardens- The good folk behind “Blooming Haddington” would like photos of the floral decorations in the town for their submission in next year’s “Britain in Bloom” competition. Anyone happy to take such photos on their own schedule, please mention it at the first meeting on Sept 10th.

What are camera clubs about? Here’s an introduction with some frequently asked questions.

The club meets in winter, from 10th September. Experience has shown that organising anything in summer is difficult, as people are busy with other things- like taking photographs. If you are considering joining in autumn, feel free to send us an email address via the contact page . We will send you a reminder in September. Contact data will NOT be used for anything else and (in this case) will be erased after a single use. Contact page is here

Twitter @ClubHaddington

We are making experimental changes to competition scoring systems this year, to reduce work for the Competition Secretary and to avoid entries getting lost. There will be more about this before the season kicks off. Please take time to read this page and check it for updates.

Our Data Protection Policy is here.

The first draft of the 2019-2020 syllabus is here.