January 28th is “What’s in your kitbag” night. Everyone has different equipment. Some is more useful. Some , despite advertising hype, turns out to get used once every few years, if at all. What have you found useful or useless? Bring it along and let us know. I don’t really have a kitbag- at least I have several camera bags, acquired over the years, but none ever sees the light of day, because the camera stays in the standard unpadded backpack I carry everywhere.

We had an email from Jim Watson of the Haddington in Bloom Committee. The full message is in the “Hadd-Aware 2020” post.

Blooming Haddington warmly invites you to join us at a lively Haddington Aware Event on Saturday 7th March 2020 in the Town House, Haddington. This is a promotional/recruitment event and as a local organisation we hope you will be able to attend. The event is an opportunity for local organisations to promote and tell the community about themselves, their services and to attract additional volunteers if so wished.

Playing in the car park…

Reports of weird flashing lights in the Golf Club overflow car park may be due to several club members experimenting with “Light Painting” . Using Robert’s home made devices and the world’s only non-inflammable sparklers, we managed to get a few unusual shots, despite wind and drizzle.

We learned a few things about lights and wind direction, which may lead to improvements when we try again on the 30th. If you fancy joining in, speak up next week.

Cimate change? Opening hawthorn buds on 16th January near East Fortoun.

Latest e-news letter from the PAGB with info about the Photography Show at the Birmingham NEC in March.

A timely email today (Sunday 12th Jan) from the Northern Audio Visual Group, advertising their meeting on March 21st. Full info. under the “Programme” menu at their website here.

To “declutter” the home page, notes of past meetings are being moved here.

All competition scores and running totals are here.

If any member wants a gallery of their images on the website, we will be happy to have new content to display. Send by Wetransfer to Webadmin@Haddingtoncameraclub.org.uk Please watermark them, or I will. If you have a website, Flickr account or other online site where you display images and you would like a link to it from here, just let us know. Here is one, Sally Anderson’s site, https://www.sallyanderson.co.uk/ and on Twitter ttps://twitter.com/SallyAnderson16 Anyone else have a link to their pictures they would like here?

There is a post about how to use “Wetransfer” here. It’s actually far easier to do than to explain.

What are camera clubs about? Here’s an introduction with some frequently asked questions.

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We are making experimental changes to competition scoring systems this year, to reduce work for the Competition Secretary and to avoid entries getting lost. There will be more about this before the season kicks off. Please take time to read this page and check it for updates.


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