Tuesday Dec 10th was the theme competition. The theme this year was “Curves”, with Neil Scott judging. We continue to experiment with judging methods and scoring systems . Feedback from both judges and members will be taken into account at the end of this year when deciding what systems to use in future, so give it some thought and let everyone know what you think. I hope Neil and everyone else got home OK, as it seems a lot of roads were closed due to the high winds.

All competition scores and running totals are here.

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If any member wants a gallery of their images on the website, we will be happy to have new content to display. Send by Wetransfer to Webadmin@Haddingtoncameraclub.org.uk Please watermark them, or I will. If you have a website, Flickr account or other online site where you display images and you would like a link to it from here, just let us know. Here is one, Sally Anderson’s site, https://www.sallyanderson.co.uk/ and on Twitter ttps://twitter.com/SallyAnderson16 Anyone else have a link to their pictures they would like here?

There is a post about how to use “Wetransfer” here. It’s actually far easier to do than to explain.

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We are making experimental changes to competition scoring systems this year, to reduce work for the Competition Secretary and to avoid entries getting lost. There will be more about this before the season kicks off. Please take time to read this page and check it for updates.

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