The 18th.of February saw a good turnout for the Monochrome Competition, with 4 categories, Landscape, Street, Portrait and Texture. Several members forgot about the categories when submitting their entries and had to make last minute choices about which category to enter which image into. Judge Libby Smith stuck to the categories in her assessments, so we all need to keep this in mind with the entry date for the Annual Competition approaching fast. (March 3rd).

Libby is a very experienced and considerate judge and an even more experienced photographer. Her comments are always worth hearing, even – perhaps especially- when she tells you what could have been done better and how. Our thanks to both her and to husband Neil for the commitment to club photography that brought them across from Carluke on a winter night.

As Libby said, she was judging what she saw on the screen, not on the PC monitor. It was noticeable, as always, that detail on the monitor was (in most, but not all cases) better than on the screen. It’s perhaps more obvious in mono. To some extent this is inevitable – the two technologies are very different- and something we must learn to allow for. When editing on a monitor, it pays to bear in mind that there will be loss of faint luminance detail and contrast, especially in the sky, on screen. Particularly in monochrome, strong skies do stand out. Also, as Libby pointed out, a big bright area on a 24″ monitor becomes a VERY big bright area onscreen. Maybe one day we will be able to afford a 3 metre wide 32K monitor and ditch projection entirely…

…meanwhile, experiments with the projector’s “Active gamma correction” suggest one way forward. We will do a two minute comparison next week and take a vote.

The categories for the annual competition are:-

Landscape, Flora & fauna (includes fungi!), Portraiture, Architecture, Artistic & Abstract, Still life.

Please remember to resize competition images- Maximum size 1600 x 1200 in landscape, maximum height in portrait mode 1050 pixels. Square format 1050×1050 or any size up to 1200×1200. (It will project at 1050×1050 anyway).

Want to be on telly? Here’s your chance.

The club will have a stall at the HADD-aware event on 7th March in the town house.(See poster above, which says it all).

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