Who does what

While personal email addresses of committee members appear on the membership cards, we try to keep them off open web pages. They are on the “Members Only” page . We hope to use more generic email for 2019-20 “Compsec@HaddingtonCameraClub.org.uk” for instance.

 Competition Secretary: Sally Anderson. CompSec@HaddingtonCameraClub.org.uk

Traditionally, the competition secretary collects images for competitions and communicates them to the judge, who might be (for instance) in Glasgow. The judge needs time to look at the images and do whatever judges do, so the CompSec needs the images in time . Hence “Hand in Deadline ” dates. Under our new (experimental) scoring system 2019-20, external judges will not see the images until the actual night of the competition, but the comp. sec. still needs time  to compile scoring sheets in advance.

For information about competitions, the comp. sec. is the person to contact.

 Club Secretary: Paul Laycock.  Secretary@HaddingtonCameraClub.org.uk

The Club Sec handles correspondence with other clubs, the SPF , PAGB, TUC, etc., takes minutes of committee meetings and periodically hands out free ad material.

Web admin: Alastair Macrae.

 WebAdmin@HaddingtonCameraClub.org.uk   Demoted from tea boy and general gopher. The “Contact us” message  on the website is copied to both web admin and club secretary, so it should get a fairly prompt reply.

 Treasurer: Grace Hynd. Treasurer@HaddingtonCameraClub.org.uk

Grace  handles anything to do with money , membership fees, affiliation to SPF etc. If you have club related expenses, talk to Grace.

Other committee members (as of March 2019) are Tony Reeves, Colin Legg, Jon Moore, Alison Cameron and Bob Gordon. We could always do with a couple more, so if you want to help, let someone know.

If none of the above can answer any question, bring it up at a meeting for general discussion.